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Body in Balance

The human body is the most complex organism in the world. Human beings are unique in that they walk upright; this requires BALANCE. The search for balance begins the moment a baby lifts its head. The eyes should be aligned horizontally so that the baby can orient himself to the world around her. From the first shaky and waddling steps of a baby to the powerful graceful posture of a ballerina - the body is constantly looking for BALANCE!

Every moment of the day our eyes are automatically oriented horizontally and the body must maintain a center of gravity. The center of gravity is at the level of the pelvis - on the vertical line that runs from the cervical vertebra (C2) to the top of the hips. In medical texts, the body is shown with the eye sockets, shoulders, and hips horizontal - the reason for this is that the body functions optimally on a horizontal level. In this position - with normal bilateral muscle tension and normal range of motion - the body is in BALANCE.

40 muscles are required to lift 1 leg and 200 muscles are required to walk. The controlled cooperation of the muscles and nerves on the skeleton makes the body a dynamic example of BALANCE. The body's 650 muscles move 206 bones connected to 187 joints. All these movements require BALANCE and good muscle control. Just to stand still, the body uses 300 muscles to stay in BALANCE

As long as the nerve impulses are normal, the body is able to hold its posture and is in BALANCE, but abnormal impulses result in muscle dysfunction and decreased ability to function. The nerves that run from the spine need the spine for proper BALANCE. Correct position of the spine prevents nerve interferences.

Maintaining BALANCE requires continuous cooperation of the skeleton, muscles, and nerves. Only a Chiropractor (D.C.) has learned how these parts of the bodywork together as a whole and is able to diagnose and treat structural complaints. The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is BALANCE and exercise.

As a Chiropractor (D.C), I believe that keeping the spine in the correct position results in better BALANCE, greater range of motion, and a more pain-free lifestyle.


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