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Matthew Barney D.C.

Dr. M. Barney is a chiropractor and graduated from Parker University in Dallas, USA. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Anatomy from Oswego State University, he continued his studies to earn his Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.) title, officially becoming a chiropractor.

He also obtained a second title: Bachelor of Science in Psychology. An internship at the Uneve hospital in Mexico City was completed by him in the radiology department.

Back in Dallas, USA, Dr. Barney specializes in correcting body postures with a focus on treating chronic headaches and migraines. Treating neck and back pain is also part of his profession.

After completing his internships at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Dallas, he decided to continue his career as a chiropractor in the Netherlands. He immediately mastered the Dutch language by, among other things, following a course at Language Institute Regina Coeli in Vught.

In the United States, Mexico and the Netherlands, Dr. Barney contributed to the health of thousands of patients, including newborns, teens, professional & Olympic athletes and seniors.

Dr. Barney passionately uses his extensive chiropractic knowledge to make and keep as many patients as possible healthy.

Chiropractor Rosmalen GN Steven Kloster

Steven Kloster D.C.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA), Dr. Steven Kloster, D.C. is currently a chiropractor in practice in Rosmalen.

Dr. Kloster treats with passion and uses his knowledge as much as possible to provide patients with the best possible health.

Dr. Kloster is an experienced chiropractor. You are in good hands with him for all kinds of head, neck and back pains.

His additional certificates, such as Webster's Pregnancy Technique, the Fascial Distortion Model, Graston Technique for Tissue Injuries, and Vertebral Compression, establish Dr. Kloster is able to treat a wide range of patients.

In his spare time, Dr. Kloster likes and performs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing.


N. Gamber D.C.

Born in Philadelphia, he received his Bachelor of Science from Lincoln University. In 2005 Dr. Gamber graduated as a Chiropractor at Texas Chiropractic College.

After earning his title, Dr. Gamber first in London to start working in the Netherlands in 2007.

Dr. Gamber treats all common complaints such as neck and back complaints (hernia, lumbago and sciatica) and less obvious complaints, such as stomach and intestinal complaints, malfunctions of other internal organs, osteoarthritis and scoliosis (skew of the spine). His specialization lies in the remedy of headaches, blockages in the upper back and problems with the ribs (chest).

Dr. Gamber keeps his knowledge up-to-date by attending seminars on a variety of topics.



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